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Slant Boards from HP Woodcrafting are very popular.  They are the only Slant Boards available with your choice of surface:

  • natural finish for regular use
  • black Formica, preferred for students / clients with vision problems who need higher contrast


Students who display symptoms of short attention span, frustration, headaches, inconsistent performance, or poor penmanship may be suffering from a lack of vision development, such as eye tracking. Occupational Therapists often specify the use of Slant Boards in school settings to improve handwriting, reading, attention, and performance of visual tasks.


Handwriting may suffer as a result of incorrect wrist positioning and poor visual focus. A Slant Board are a very simple and effective device to combat these problems.


The Slant Boards are made from Baltic Birch plywood, a high quality multilayer product refered to as furniture grade. The paper rest is solid maple. All edges are rounded and rubber feet are attached to the bottom for non-slip usage.

The black Formica surface has quickly become the preferred solution in schools and therapy centers for persons with vision issues. It provides a uniform and high contrast work area allowing the student to distinguish and concentrate.

This photograph shows the "book rest" option, a 1 inch high ledge to support larger items such as books.

Because one fixed position is not good for all situations these Slant Boards adjust to 5 different angles: 20°, 30°, 40°, 50°, & 60°. When folded flat they are less than 2 inches tall overall.

The integral handle is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The Slant Board is lightweight, just 4¼ lbs., so it is easy to carry.

Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges subject to change, please check before ordering.

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choice of surface;

  • natural or

  • black Formica

and the “rest” option;

  • none

  • paper

  • book.

See further description on the right .

For institutions such as schools, therapy centers, and shops,  a Purchase Order that has been approved and signed is required. The PO can be sent as an email attachment to

info@hpwoodcrafting.com. Otherwise, you can snail mail the PO to:


HP Woodcrafting

88 N Hershey Ave

Leola, PA 17540


Contact me with any other questions. 

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